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Season 2 of Stargate Universe premieres at the end of September (beginning of October in Australia) and it seems like the perfect time to speculate on the fate of the members of Destiny.

I'm not a bookmaker and no I'm not going to actually bet on the outcome of the Season 2 premiere but let's have a bit of fun and speculate on the odds of the following characters surviving. I love conspiracies so I've taken into account the possibility that the trailers on the 'net may have some red herrings so I haven't necessarily ruled out certain characters dying because they appeared in a trailer. I've also been staying away from spoilers as much as I can. I just wanted to jot down some thoughts on why I think certain characters are more likely to survive.

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For the non betting people this is like spending $100 to win $1...I think this is a sure thing. Too many storylines based around Rush for the writers to kill him off.
Going for him: Robert Carlyle, centre of the drama,
Going against him: Shock factor


Young's a different matter for me. Sure there's the conflict between he and Rush and he and Wray for that matter that could be explored in Season 2 but he'd give his life to save a crew member and I could totally see the writers bumping him off. That would send reverberations through Destiny and now that Telford is on board there is still a Colonel to take over command. He'll probably survive but he's not as safe as the other main characters for me.
Going for him: Conflicts with Rush and Wray
Going against him: Shock factor, Telford on Destiny


I think Scott and Greer are in the most peril in the Season finale but I seriously doubt they'd kill off their poster boy, Scott. There's still a mountain of backstory to uncover with Scott regarding his struggles with faith and discovering he has a child on Earth.
Going for him: Still has a lot more crying to do, closest to the stereotypical hot young hero we have
Going against him: Closest to the stereotypical hot young hero we have...this is not a stereotypical show


Eli's about the only person that doesn't seem in jeopardy in the season 1 cliffhanger. Wouldn't that be a WTF moment if he bit the dust. I can't see that happening. Eli is generally the person on Destiny to which viewers relate. I know as I say the writers wouldn't kill off such a loved character thousands of people are yelling out "Dr Beckett, anyone....anyone?" OK it's happened before but I don't sense it here. I do look forward to Eli finally getting a romantic interest.
Going for him: The audience identifies with him the most, he provides the most comic relief, he's the geek's hero
Going against him: He's not currently in peril...


Aw TJ....pregnant and shot...I'm pretty confidant she'll pull through but I have big fears for her baby. I look forward to the potential shipping with Varros - an interesting matchup and that's a pretty big reason why I think she'll survive.
Going for her: Her popularity, potential ship with Varros
Going against her: She's pregnant and shot and she's the medic!! Gah!!


Chloe's a slight danger of not making it through to the rest of Season 2. She's had an interesting journey on Destiny. It's been an emotional rollercoaster for her, losing her Dad, hooking up with Scott, finding a purpose on Destiny, getting kidnapped. She's not quite as safe as others for me but mainly for the impact her death would have on the other characters.
Going for her: She's yet find find her purpose on Destiny, it would be a waste
Going against her: The impact her death would have on other characters - Scott, Eli, Young, TJ etc, TJ is injured


I always worry about the secondary characters. Greer is in the most peril with Scott and I could see him sacrificing himself to save Scott...He'll just push him through. I really want to know more about his childhood and I'd like to see more of him in action.

Going for him: He's the muscle
Going against him: He puts the officers before himself


With the Lucian Alliance on board I see a need for Wray's negotiating skills but she's made herself a big target. It could work against her.

Going for her: She's needed to negotiate an alliance with the Lucian Alliance
Going against her: Very visible

I've got a soft spot for Volker and Brody and would love to see them together getting up to mischief in Season 2.His character hasn't been explored enough in Season 1 and he's now set himself up as the techno geek in Space matters.

Going for him: He can explain all of the astronomical events
Going against him: He's chivalrous. I could see him sacrificing himself to save Park. Volker hasn't had as much screen time as other secondary characters but is popular in spite of that.

Brody fixes stuff and built a still...really useful...I worry that makes him a target

Going for him: Destiny still needs an engineer. He built a still.
Going against him: He's popular enough to make a huge impact if he departed



I've never shied away from stating my opinion that Telford should be in charge on Destiny and now that they've got him on board I doubt they'd go through all that trouble only to have him die.
Going for him: We went through so much to get Telford on Destiny, would be a waste to have him die so soon. Most viewers are only just starting to warm to Telford (me, I've been a fan all along....knew he wasn't bad)
Going against him: I can only think of the WTF moment if they killed off LDP's character.. a little bit like killing off Robert Patrick's character in the Pilot of Atlantis

I really identified with James is some of her more emotional moments. I'd like to see even more action and fight scenes in Season 2 especially with James. I worry that as a female officer she might be a target.

Going for her: Stargate is famous for strong kick-arse female characters. I want to see James fight
Going against her: She's mooned a bit over Scott. She might stand out for Lucian Alliance and be executed first

Generally Park is quiet but sometimes she says things that really make an impact (I'm thinking "Don't yell"). For that I'd love her to stay but she's one of the peripheral characters that's had enough screen time for you to care but isn't one of the main characters.

Going for her: She balances the scientists in the control room. She's quiet, wouldn't make herself a target. The guys would protect her.
Going against her: The cardigan. I don't think the Lucian Alliance would be fans of the cardigan

I started out not liking Riley. I thought he was a perv and was suspicious prowling around the hallways. Wouldn't have been surprised if he ended up being a spy. Then I saw Riley's KINO and I softened a bit. The worry with Riley is that stuff keeps happening to him. Is he the Siler of SGU.

Going for him: He's survived quite a lot already
Going against him: Has he used up all of his 9 lives?


I almost see Kiva dying as a given. I get the feeling that the writers are setting up Varro as the leader of the Lucien Alliance group on Destiny and there might be an interesting uneasy alliance between the two groups.
Going for her: Hmmm...can't see too much
Going against her: I sense the writers want Varro in charge. TJ is injured.


I think the writers have really set it up for Varro to lead the Lucian Alliance contingent and negotiate an alliance with the Destiny crew. I believe there's plans to ship he and TJ...that works for me. Apologies to Mike Dopud for misspelling his character name

Going for him: TJ, he seems like a leader
Going against him: Can't see too much...he could get caught up in something but I doubt it


Ahh Becker...the man who feeds the Destiny crew and occasionally cuts hair.

Going for him: Who else knows how to make moop?
Going against him: Maybe he fed the Lucian Alliance moop

I wonder if any of my predictions are close. Feel free to disagree, just do so nicely.

Cheers, Chev
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